15 12 2018 - Furkan Senan - Binary Exploitation 1

Hacker, hacking concepts

Hacker Manifesto and The Mentor Levy's Principles of Hacker Ethics

Simple Description of Terminal Commands

Environment Variables

Writing a program in C and Python

CPU logic and Assembler

Introduction to reverse engineering, cracking of a simple program

Tools and Techniques for Reverse Engineering

Write Keygen by Reversing the License Creation Algorithm

Syscalls, Kernel, User Mode and Kernel source code concepts

Binary, Hexadecimal and Decimal Numbers

Smashing stack for fun and profit

Modifying Variables with Buffer Overflow

Directing the Program with Buffer Overflow Attacks

Run Shellcode with Buffer Overflow (First exploit)

Restricted Return Pointer because of the use of Ret2libc

To reverse C programs and understand Assembly